Creating an MVP Charcuterie Board

Once upon a time, I did not like cheese… WHAT?! I know, right, how stupid was I?  I thought the extent of cheese was American or Colby Jack and man was I wrong. Me discovering the possibility of cheese was much like Jon discovering he likes mustard… we just can’t get enough!

Cheese boards have become a weekend staple in this house and a go- to for girl’s nights and party hosting. If you want your cheese board to be anything but boring, variety and presentation are a must. I made mediocre cheese boards before I went to Italy, trust me, they showed me how it’s done! I’m not sure if my taste buds have changed or if my preferences have matured with age. Or it could be the wine. Yeah, probably all of the wine. Follow this fool proof guide to curating the perfect cheese board by choosing one, several or all types from each category below.

Coastal Cheddar
Parmagano Reggiano

*Pro Tip: sometimes I like to include two of the same type of cheese- one aged for added flavor


Smoked Salmon
Other Cured Meats


Water Crackers
Melba Toast
Flavored Crackers



Vegetables- miscellaneous
Grapes or Berries
Jam/ Honey
Hummus Spread


If you really want to take your cheese board to the next level, try adding baked goods such as baked Brie with jam and pecans, spring rolls or flatbreads. Also- chocolate charcuterie boards are a thing… you’re welcome!

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As always, let me know what you think! I am always looking for suggestions!

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