Wine Rack Staples

In this house, we have favorites that we keep on our wine rack at all times. One thing we absolutely LOVE to do is try new wines, but these few we are constantly replenishing. While we don’t have a favorite type of wine (or at least can’t agree on one) we do have a certain style. Both Jon and I like our wines red, dry, bold, with medium to high tannins and acidity. Below is a list of wines you can always find on our wine rack!


Featured above, Dune Gris de Gris, is a dry Rosé. Perfect for a sunny afternoon (which we have almost year round here in Texas). From southern France, this Rosé is light and refreshing with notes of grapefruit and peach- without being overly sweet.

Also seen above is an old favorite, Masi 50 Campofiorin. This is probably the first wine I’ve ever loved and have continued to purchase over and over again. You’ll find notes of spices and dark berries along with fine tannins.



Gabbiano Chianti Classico is a full flavored, cask aged Sangiovese grape. It’s crisp flavors are fresh with notes of dark berries and full of tannins.




Nero D’ Avolo is a full bodied, tart wine with bold flavors of dark fruits. It’s high in tannins and oak aged. This wine is the epitome of our palate. This is exactly the description we look for when trying new wines.




What can I say about Amalaya Malbec?! This is another absolute favorite- typically any Malbec from Argentina has an “A” rating in my opinion. We continue to try new Malbecs from Argentina all of the time, but this is the one we keep around. This Malbec is smooth with a good balance between tannins and bold flavors.



Arra Cape Blend is the MVP on our wine rack. I was immediately intrigued by the grape, Pinotage, used to create this red blend. The minute I learned Pinotage is a grape indigenous to South Africa and a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault, I knew I had to have it! A few tasting notes: its deep red, bold and smells AMAZING.




Bonari Apassamento was a surprise. This wine came with so many recommendations. We took a chance on this one, knowing it was going to be sweeter than we typically like. We trusted it solely based on the fact that its from Italy, we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. With notes of red fruits and spices, this full bodied red’s slight sweetness comes from cherries… SO smooth.




Chateau Montet Bordeaux is perfect for medium palates. It’s got a nice acidity with tropical notes. It’s clean finish makes it easy to drink.




Lastly, this local wine has a permanent home on our wine rack. Our favorite from Fall Creek Vineyards is their Merlot, although you NEED to try their Tempranillo and red blend of Cab Sav, Sangiovese and Merlot. That’s a game changer.




As you can see, our favorites cover a wide variety of grapes. We don’t just love one type of grape, we continue to challenge our palate across several types. There’s a time and a place for every wine on our rack AND we love to share!

P.s. we have a wine fridge too,  which helped us tackle  Drinking Around the World in 30 Days !





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