2019 Must Read Book List: Part I

I typically like to read non fiction over fiction, biographies and autobiographies are a favorite. If you’re looking for entertainment- Mindy Kaling , Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have some of the best autobiographies around! (For The record- hands down, no competition, my favorite book is and will forever be The Great Gatsby). I prefer non fiction mostly because I enjoy learning something new or taking something away from a book when I’m finished. Don’t get me wrong, I have been sucked into The Hunger Games and Divergent series before!! I always lend out but never sell my books because I read college style with a highlighter. Not to study, but I enjoy marking my favorite things so I can look back and read them again on a rainy day. One feature I adore on my kindle is the clippings section, where all of the highlighted material is saved from the books I’ve finished. Some books made me wiser, some books were for pure entertainment, some books fed my soil like chicken soup and others just changed my way of thinking entirely.


The Lipstick Gospel – Stephanie May Wilson

I am so thankful this book was recommended to me, and I’m also so grateful it was the first book I read in 2019. This book opened my eyes to a whole new mindset all the while being super relateable. Some of my favorite quotes from austhor Stephanie May Wilson include:

”Look at the nations and watch- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

”In my head I knew I’d survive this. But none of the rest of me was convinced.”

“Sometimes in our lives, we just need to get out. We need to leave. We need to go somewhere new for a change of scenery and a new perspective.”

This book opened my eyes to a whole new way of life, I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram @smaywilson and you can also follow her Girl’s Night podcast!


Wine. All the time. – Marissa A. Ross

Yall! This was my favorite book. I already had an interest in wine and had so many questions answered throughout the book, but the greatest takeaway was Marissa A. Ross’ knowledge on how to understand your pallet and apply it to your future wine selections. I highlighted nearly the entire book!


Girl Code– Cara Alwill Leyba

Such a feel good book women everywhere should read. I loved the interviews with female entrepreneurs and the amazing advice each woman had to give readers. Some of my favorite quotes from the book includes:

“As Dr. Seuss so eloquently put it, ‘Today you are You, that is truer than true. Their is no one alive that is Youer than You.’”

”Believe in divine timing, and know that what is meant for you will not pass you.”

”Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”- Charles Bukowski

”Looking back, I feel sick to think I even let that type of relationship go on. Can you imagine me in that relationship now? I sure can’t.”

”There are absolutely no limits on what you can achieve. Your possibilities are truly endless, and you have the power to create the life and business of your dreams. You must find the place inside of you where everything is possible.”

”There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”- Madeleine Albright

”Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that our career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”- Lady Gaga

”What looks like garbage from one angle might be art from another. Maybe it did take a crisis to get to know yourself; maybe you needed to get whacked hard by life before you understood what you wanted out of it.”- Jodi Picoult

”Empowered women empower women.”

”Who are the women in your life? Are they supportive? Do they empower you? Do they listen to you? Do they have your best interest at heart? If the answer is no, then its time to let them go.”

’Just because someone has been in your life for a long time doesn’t mean they get a free pass to stay forever.”

”I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.”- Estée Lauder

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peached.”- Dita Von Tesse

I have heard many of these quotes before, but they truly resonate with me now that I am older and especially keeping up with what’s going on in the world today.


Goodbye, Vitamin – Rachel Khong

This book was an eye opener Into the daily struggles of just difficult family situations. Rachel Khong shares her personal story and day to day life living back at home during troubling times. I honestly wished this book was longer. Some of my favorite quotes from the book include:

“In one of my mom’s magazines, there is an article about how to keep your man. Never surprise him with short hair. Don’t try to change him. Play games, but not too many.”

”Try not to feel too shitty, was her main piece of advice. Stop, always, at 2.5 drinks. Make a list of good things- however small.”

”A long time ago I stopped wondering why there were so many crazy people. What surprises me now is that there are so many sane ones.”

”What I want to know is what counted for something and what counted not at all. Now I feel like shit for spending that time- that’s the word its convention to use: spending- on what turns out not to matter, and neglecting the things that did, and do.”

”Sharing things is how things get started, and not sharing things is how they end.”

”Something else I appreciate about hangovers: you are given the chance to value regular things.”

”I like also that having a terrible day pretty much guarantees that the next day will be much, much better.”

”Better presumptions, I think, than a fucking sucker. Because I’m through doing things that don’t count. I’m through with things that don’t add up or amount. I’m just through.”

”I realized that I count remember something and he could  remember something different and if we built up a store of separate memories, how would that work, and would it be okay?”

”It didn’t matter what you remembered or didn’t, and the remembering- it occurred to me- was irrelevant. All that mattered was that was was once- was what it was.”

”The mind tells you what or whom to love, and then you do it, but sometimes it doesn’t: sometimes the mind plays tricks, and sometimes the mind is the worst. But I’m trying- I reallly am- not to think about those things.”



Dear Girls Above Me– Charlie McDowell

Man is this book hilarious (and embarrassingly accurate). Ladies, you will laugh at the situations Charles finds himself in all the while thinking to yourself, “this would be a conversation between me and my bestie.” If you want an easy giggle, this is your book!


Girls in White Dresses– Jennifer Close

From the synopsis, I thought this book was going to cover everything I was feeling. I’m currently living the “everyone is getting married” life, filled with bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers, etc… the list of parties and gifts I’ve had to pay for goes on and on and on. Jennifer close nails the struggles, but for me, the character list was too long and confusing and the book jumped around a lot.


Packing Light– Allison Vesterfelt

This was another “surprise” soul searching book I wasn’t expecting to absolutely love!! I’m not one for “self help” style books, mostly beaches I think they all offer the same piece of advice that I could quickly cover myself by just saying, “Stop being a little bitch.” But this book, this book was beyond what I imagined. The tre story follows the author and her friend on their cross country trip- basically giving up everything to experience the US from their car for six months, hence, packing light. But their memories and experiences in each state weren’t the only things the girls gained. They  returned home with a complete mental shift. Some of my favorite quotes that spoke to me include:

“Places are not just places. The place you start your journey is your anchor, the filter through which you process every single stop along th way. Our places shape us and teach us until, before we know it, we do not just live in a place. It lives in us.”

”If, along the way, you realize you’ve been heading the wrong direction, you might change your trajectory, but you cant change where you started. You have to leave home to go on a journey, but you cant leave home without having a home.”

”Baggage is like that. You pick it up one piece at a time, and it grows heavy over time, so you hardy even realize you’re carrying it.”

”You learn the really important coping mechanism to single life: to be independent and take care of yourself. You Lear not make the most about being alone.”

”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

”Sometimes we make problems so much more difficult than they need to be.”

”What if these things were attached t aren’t even bad things, but our of fear of losing them is keeping us from seeing beyond what we have right now? What if there is something better?”

” We discover what we need when we live without things. This is part of the value of traveling and packing light as we travel. Sometimes its good for us to need things and not to have them.”

”When were just starting out, we think everything will become clearer with time. Decisions will get easier, life will become less confusing, everything will fall into place.”

”And baggage, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t just fall away if we forget about it or push it out of our memory.In fact, pushing things out of our consciousness is perhaps the quickest way to make a mess. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. Time makes them worse.”

”Some rules are ill advised and we follow them blindly.”

”Is it possible to pack light with people? is it necessary? Is there ever a time when letting people go is the right answer? Or are relationships the things we should hold onto with the most conviction? After all, everything else can be replaced, cant it?”

”You have to push through the hard things to get to the good stuff.” // “Numbing pain will only make it worse. The only way out is through.”

”If you feel depressed, do something about it. If you feel stuck, flail around for a while until you get unstuck. If you feel trapped, kick down the doors that are keeping you in. Make messes. Make mistakes. Just make a decision, for heaven’s sake! Quit waiting for life to happen to you.”

”What do we do when we don’t get what we thought we wanted? We can either choose to feel like its the end of the world, or we can choose to decide its the beginning.”

”One of the hardest parts of packing light, I’ve learned, is that its a much about what you take with you as it is what you leave behind.”

”But if you let fear stop you from doing what you really want to do, you’ll regret that forever.”

AHHHH now I want to travel the worldddddd!


I Was Told There’d Be Cake- Sloan’s Crosley

Every chapter in this book was like a short story, one having nothing to do with the other. Sloane Crosley tells tales of her life in Manhattan across a wide variety of subjects, which I think we can all relate. My favorite chapter is second to last, “Lie Like Broccoli” where she recounts the uproar people have with her vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle.



The Arrangement- Sarah Dunn

Okay… I’m not a huge fan of non-fiction. This book took a usual concept of marriage and made it easy to visualize yourself in the plot. I read this book in two days, I might not have been obsessed, but it kept me hooked.  I liked that it had a small character list with a few story lines to follow and all were somehow connected. The story unfolds as you’re able to form opinions for yourself, guess where you think its headed and I just had to finish it to find out!


Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling

I absolutely love reading books from comedians (Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler) they are light and airy and not to be taken seriously, they are pure joy. The tone of this book is everything I would expect from Mindy Kaling, sarcastic humor about EVERYTHING. Seriously, this book covers SO many topics:, Bras, her hate for weddings and how sorority life was not for her. I loved reading about her acting and writing career on The Office and her day in the life working on The Mindy Project. Some of my favorite quotes include:

“If you found this helpful, then great, and I am more than a little bit surprised. If this all sounds ridiculous and you are laughing at what an idiot I am, that too is great.”

“So much of college is girls labeling other girls terrible things when they don’t like their behavior, but using concerned language so they have plausible deniability if they get accused of being bitches: That girl is not cheerfully doing what the rest of us are doing so she is probably depressed or has an eating disorder…”

“The party moved inside, where there was nothing to do but drink. Unfortunately, for me. ‘nothing to do but drink’ tends to mean ‘nothing to do but get into trouble’.”

She also shares some great life advice like, “no matter how good you have it, it’s cool to want more” , “it’s OK to drink tequila in the car if you just had a really good meeting” and “if you believe in yourself and work hard, you have a fighting shot at having your dreams come true.

… and because I can’t turn a blind eye to the all of the books I read in 2018, here’s a few favorites!


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck– Mark Manson

Four Hour Work Week– Tim Ferris

The First Phone Call from Heaven– Mitch Albom

The Art of Racing in the Rain– Garth Stein

Leaving Time– Jodi Picoult

Yes Please– Amy Poehler

Bossy pants– Tina Fey


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