Thoughtful Gifting

Maybe this is just a Virgo thing, but If you’re like me, you enjoy finding the perfect gift for each individual on your list. Personally, I value the thought behind a gift that I receive more than I value something tangible. Likewise, this is my approach when giving gifts. I don’t like to give anyone just anything for the sake of calling it a gift. I really love putting thought into gifting something I know the recipient will absolutely adore! Plus, seeing the reaction of their face lighting up, knowing they received something unique and thoughtful is a bonus!

Steps for picking out the perfect gift:

1. Write down ideas year round- maybe you’re not paying close enough attention or just forgetting under last minute pressure, but friends and family will mention things they would like or want to do throughout the year. Not necessarily as hints for a holiday gift, but things that they like in general. An example: my friend Kaitlin has been telling me things she wants to do for her 30th birthday alllllll year… so far her ideas are a mac n’ cheese crawl, a silent disco, the Pub Crawler in ATX, theres also a shirt she wants and I’m sure the list will only keep growing 🙂

2. Think about their personality- thoughtful gifting doesn’t have to be stressful, just take a moment to think about the person’s hobbies; what do they like, how do they spend their free time, what are their favorite foods or places to eat, how about their favorite television shows or movies, do they like to read, what about baking or cooking? Once you figure out what brings them joy from day to day, you ca gift them something to accompany their passion.

3. Personalize it- building off of the last step, if you find something they’re passionate about and find a gift that accompanies that, make it even more personal! If they like to cook, personalize a set of tools. Maybe some memorabilia form their favorite movie or television show. There are plenty of thoughtful, tangible “things” that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face!  An example: I was not able to be present for my younger sister’s 21st birthday, so in leu of taking her out for a night on the town, I sent her a box of personalized items to help her celebrate!

Check out the link below to for personalized ideas!


Cricut: Birthday Gift Edition

4. Sometimes gifts are experiences and not “things”- when you think about the person’s passion, maybe the best gift isn’t a tangible item… maybe its a trip, something like a brewery tour or other adventure, maybe they would like to see a concert or show at a theater.

5. Its the thought that counts- the recipient of your gift will appreciate the nice gesture as well as the time and effort you set aside to think about the perfect gift for them!

Here is an example of a recent thoughtful gift, a friend of mine was recently laid off from her job, of course she was discouraged and needed a little pick- me- up so I put together a quick care package. Its content included:

  • A Lavender Eucalyptus Candle
  • Stress Relief Lotion
  • Nail Polish
  • Wine Tumbler
  • Relaxing Pillow Spray
  • Tea
  • A Gratitude Journal

None of these things were difficult to come up with on short notice, I just thought about the things that I personally find comforting on a daily basis and knew they would bring my friend a moment of peace.

These steps are useful for gift giving year round, whether it’s for a birthday or something last minute to cheer up a friend. Gifts don’t have to be expensive or a grand gesture, there are occasions for simplicity. And, if you found these steps helpful, lookout for my Holiday Gifting Guide coming out next season just in time for the Christmas holiday! It will feature thoughtful gift ideas for everyone on your list, from your significant other to your $10 Secret Santa gift exchange!

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