I Tried A Three Day Juice Cleanse and It Wasn’t Awful

JuiceLand is an Austinite’s favorite when it comes to smoothies and cold pressed juices- so popular, they even have their own three day cleansing program. This is something I’ve read about months ago and I know more than a few people who have actually tried it. I found it interesting, so I did a little more research about juice cleanses in general and have since contemplated doing a three day juice cleanse a few times. I never actually committed, until one day, I was ordering a smoothie before class and thought, ‘what the hell’ and grabbed a 6 pack of cold pressed juices to go!


I found an Ebook on Google Scholar titled Cold Press Juice Bible that offered plenty of

Benefits Include:

  1. Cold pressed juice preserves more nutrients and enzymes, pasteurized juices use heat that destroys nutrients
  2. Easier way to get your nine doses of fruits and veggies in one day, you would have to eat about 20 lbs of produce!!
  3. Helps release toxins from your body and relax your liver, kidneys and skin
  4. Resets your ‘gut’ and gives your digestive system rest, your body doesn’t have to break down fibers
  5. Quickly assimilated into your body for an energy boost, nutrients immediately get to work
  6. Hydration makes your skin glow
  7. Boosts immunity, flushing your body of bad bacteria with good bacteria
  8. Better emotional health, address what you’re putting into your body
  9.  Bloating will decrease
  10. A kickstart to healthier habits replacing processed and saturated foods


I spent nearly five years as vegetarian and consider myself to be a healthy eater. I workout daily, love to eat my veggies and I keep my carb and sugar intake low. I try to stay away from added sugar, sweetners (like surculose and fructose) and I even try to keep natural sugars low. I eat hearty salads filled with veggies and no salad dressing, I eat lettuce wraps instead of bread, buns or tortillas and minimize dairy. I only shop the ‘outside shell’ at the grocery store- there’s nothing good for you in those middle aisles!! Don’t get me wrong I do indulge, especially on a Friday or a Saturday, and on vacations! During a recent trip to Brooklyn, I set out to eat and drink anything and everything- and I did just that. Upon returning to Austin,  guests came into town and we did just that, again. There I was at JuiceLand two weeks later- still feeling lethargic, craving sugar like crazy thinking this was just what I needed to reset my body. Sometimes it can be so difficult to make ourselves get back on track, even if we want to- you just have to stop eating like an asshole and make better choices. 

Pre- cleanse

JuiceLand recommends a 24-48 hour pre- cleanse before juicing, mostly to cut out the garbage you have been feeding yourself prior. The hardest part for me was eliminating coffee, I drink a minimum of two per day. You also have to eliminate alcohol- I’ve participated in dry January, twice, in the last two years so cutting out alcohol for a few days wasn’t that tough for me. JuiceLand also recommends ‘detoxing’ from dairy, salt and wheat.

I pre-cleansed for 36 hours before starting day one of the juice cleanse. During the pre- cleanse phase I consumed unsweetened green tea, unsweetened passion tea, carrots, cucumber and a pickle. I went to my regularly scheduled workout at Madabolic, thinking  carbs from the day before would push me through! I felt a little hungry, but nothing extreme, I was experiencing a headache as a side effect but that went away after drinking a large glass of ice water. It wasn’t until dinner time that I was feeling hungry, so I ate one cup of spring mix with 2 tablespoons of TJ’s green goddess dressing. It surprised me how such a small amount of food could satisfy my hunger. I went to sleep around 8:30 pm because of allergies (Y’all Texas allergies are NO JOKE) my eyes were burning and my nose was stuffed. I just wanted to lie down on the couch, we all know how that ends after 8:00 pm… Zzzzz…


Day One

On day one I woke up feeling great! I packed four out of the six juices for the day, based on the recommendation to consume one every 2-3 hours. JuiceLand recommends you drink their cold pressed juices in this order

  1. Gingerade: Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne, Purified Water, Maple Syrup
  2. Beverly Cleary: Carrot, Apple, Grapefruit, Beet, Flax Oil
  3. Tiger Lily: Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Parsley, Spinach
  4. Watermelon Chia Pep: Watermelon, Green Apple, Chia Seeds, Lime
  5. Cocolily: Coconut Water, Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Parsley, Spinach
  6. The Fountain: Carrot, Celery, Beet, Ginger, Kale, Parsley, Spinach

I love that JuiceLand sticks to their word, these are strictly cold pressed juices made daily- every night you pick up your six pack for the following day. I also love the ingredients, there’s no shit. No added sugar or sweetness, although, I was skeptical about the 30-40 grams of natural sugars in each bottle.


Day one began with Gingerade, I was surprised how spicy it was, but I didn’t necessarily hate it. This drink replaced my first coffee on my normal morning commute, so the spice, in a way, did the job waking me up! I did have to alternate drinking this juice with water, though. At first I thought the second juice, Beverly clearly, tasted like bitter grapefruit- but I actually love grapefruit so it was easy to get over the initial taste. The third juice though, oh my god, it was awful. terrible. 10/10 do not recommend. I skipped Tiger Lily completely and substituted Apple Lily the following day. Around lunch time, since I was down one juice and only had one juice left for the commute home, I ate one cup of chopped watermelon. The next juice, Watermelon Chia Pep was my favorite! So refreshing! Before my workout, I ate half of an artichoke. If you are a fan of artichokes you know just how little food is actually on the inside… I ended up skipping Cocolily for the day, although I did taste it to make sure it wasn’t horrible like Tiger Lily, it was in fact drinkable. I just didn’t have the desire to drink another juice, which I read was normal for trying to consume all six juices in your first day. At the end of the evening, I drank half of the Chocolate Hemp Milk which contains Purified Water, Dates, Hemp Seed, Madagascar Vanilla, Himalayan Sea Salt which helped me feel full. This is one I will definietly continue to purchase!

Day Two


I was surprised when I didn’t wake up starving. Towards the end of day one I was starting to have my doubts if I could complete the cleanse or not. I wasn’t necessarily hungry for something in particular or even hungry at all, I just didn’t necessarily want to do it anymore. I read the second day is where is where it becomes easier and all side effects of the juice cleanse subside. I think the only side effect I experienced during the pre- cleanse and throughout day one was a headache. For the most part, I felt great and not craving food. I still consumed Gingerade, Beverly Cleary, Watermelon Chia Pep and The Fountain. I also swapped out Tiger Lily for Apple Lily and was muuuuuuuuch happier! Apple Lily is made with Apple, Kale, Spinach, Parsley and Lemon. To be fair- JuiceLand recommends the juices above but also encourages you to try new juices and make this cleanse your own- I’m just limited by the fact that most of the others are made with Pineapple juice. That evening I finished the second half of the Chocolate Hemp Milk left over from the night before. So technically, I consumed five and a half juices each day and not the full six.

Day Three


I wasn’t motivated to drink six juices, it was difficult to finish. I wasn’t hungry or thirsty, I just didn’t really feel like consuming anything. It was a Saturday so I kept busy with the usual household chores and before I knew it, it was 5:00 p.m. already. I ended up breaking the cleanse for dinner, I sautéed zucchini, spinach, tomatoes and sweet onion. I had already consumed three juices and I was surprised at how full I was from such a small dinner- but it was satisfying to actually eat something. The juice cleanse recommends a post cleanse, much like they do a pre- cleanse. They recommend consuming fruits, veggies, salad or a vegan soup and reintroducing chicken, fish, fats and oils around day five. Since I still had three juices left, I split them each into halves and used them to make smoothies. JuiceLand recommends incorporating a green juice into your daily diet, but for the moment I was tired of consuming just the juices and did not want to waste them!


Many programs offer a 3 day cleanse, 5 day cleanse and a 7 day cleanse- all with a pre cleanse and a post cleanse to follow which I think would mentally be too long for myself. Overall, I thought the 3 day cleanse was the perfect amount of time for me to kickstart healthier choices and reset my body. The pre and post cleanse in addition to the three day juice cleanse fit well into my work week hustle. I was never particularly hungry, it was my tastebuds for French fries and ice cream that was obviously left unsatisfied. It is recommended to do a cold pressed juice cleanse once every three months. I’ve also read, the shorter the better, that the longer you cleanse you are denying your body the other important food groups. I will definitely be doing a three day cold pressed juice cleanse again, but less frequently- I’m thinking twice per year. If you’re considering trying a juice cleanse, here are a few tips!

  1. Research the ingredients if you’re not making the juice yourself
  2. Keep busy 
  3. Hemp milk is an option and it keeps you fuller, longer
  4. Don’t do it over a weekend- trust me
  5. Don’t conclude your cleanse by binge eating
  6. Meal Prep

IMG_5889Let me know your experience with juicing! Have you tried it before? Are you interesting in trying a cleanse? Do you have a go to recipe or favorite smoothie spot? Leave a comment below!

P.s. Is anyone interested in a series on meal prepping or in need of ideas or recipes?






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