Five Females You Should Follow Right Now!

This is the final installment for Season 1 of my Girl Power Series. Don’t worry!! It WILL be back!! I have had such a fun time and an awesome experience getting to know the girls in my corner and sharing it with all of you! In this series you met Kaitlin, Kat, Josie, Tori and Leanne! We talked about their passions, difficult seasons they’ve experienced, we talked about advice received and advice given, dreams and future goals, things they’re happy they’ve done for themselves as well as other women who inspire them. I think we should update the quote, “Behind every man is a strong woman” to “Behind every strong woman is a group of more strong women.” Anyone else want to petition to change that?!?! I thought I would leave you with the ‘Top Five Most Inspiring Women’ compiled by me, for the season finale. So get your web browser, instagram, kindle and any other electronic ready- because you do not want to miss out on these inspiring ladies!


Stephanie May Wilson

Stephanie is the author of one of my favorite books, The Lipstick Gospel and the host of one of my favorite Podcasts, Girls Night. She is so kind and empowers so many women in her own life while inspiring other women to follow suit. In her book, she recounts her own journey of becoming a Christain- regardless of your religious preferences, we can all benefit from Stephanie’s heart! She is the definition of friendship and inspires me daily to be a kinder person. You can download a FREE copy of her book and devotional on her website You can also find her on Instagram @smaywilson AND her Girls Night podcast on Apple- where she covers a variety of topics you would and should typically discuss with your own girlfriends!


Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is very well known as the CEO of her self titled jewelry company, and while she creates beautiful pieces, I admire her passion for philanthropy. Kendra does a lot with children and her Kendra Cares program donated proceeds to different non- profit organizations. Her first company was inspired by a family member who had cancer- she came up with an idea for patients going through radiation to wear cute hats. You can follow her personal CEO page on Instagram @kendrascott and at !  I love that Kendra donates proceeds to non- profits, I think more organizations should strive to give back to those in need.


Brené Brown

Brené is an incredible author, in her books, she speaks the truth so eloquently. She speaks of love, courage, shame and vulnerability- all the things we need to talk about but never do. I absolutely love this quote from her, ” I believe that you have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage, therefore . . . embrace the suck.” She is truly an inspiration and I am working on reading ALL of her books. You can follow her on Instagram @brenebrown and read all about her journey on her website


Marissa Ross

Marissa is part comedian, part wine expert. She writes for Bon Appetit magazine and has her own book published, Wine. All the time. I learned so much about wine from Marissa, she actually inspired me to further my interest and write my own blog posts! And I love how eco- conscious she is. You will get an absolute kick out of following her on instagram @marissaaross ! We need more women like Marissa Ross-  knowledgeable about wine,  cares about the world and has a mouth like a sailor… she’s the sarcastic Mindy Kaling of wine country.



Michelle Obama

Regardless of your political preference, Michelle Obama is an amazing woman. She is incredibly intelligent and has such a big heart. I admire her for all of the hard work she has put into community outreach programs! I encourage you to read her book, Becoming, you will find she is such a strong minded woman and learn all about the countless initiatives she has implemented across several communities. You can follow her on instagram @michelleobama!


Next season, I am looking for more women who want to be a part of the Girl Power Series. There’s no minimum requirement of successes needed, you don’t even have to be a female- you just have to have a passion for empowering them! If you have someone who inspires you, that you would like to include in the Girl Power Series OR included on this list of incredible women to follow- please let me know!

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