Bottom Round Roast Recipe

Bottom Round Roasts are one of the cheapest cuts of meat you can buy, but it doesn’t have to taste like one! I really am not a fan of roasts, normally I would load it up with ketchup once its cooked- but I found a few tips online and combined them to create my own concoction. I have to say, this roast was delicious! Served at medium rare and with a dry rub, the cut of beef was flavorful and far from dry.


1 cut Bottom Round Roast (roughly 2 lbs).

2 Cup Beef Broth

2 Tbs. Olive Oil

2 Tbs. Garlic Salt

2 Tbs. Parsley

2 Tbs. Oregano


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F and pour bone broth into the skillet. There’s no need to marinade the cut, just use a think coat of Olive Oil and add the dry rub of Garlic Salt, Parsley and Oregano to all sides of the beef.

Cook the roast at 450 degrees F for 20 minutes, if your roast is smaller than 2 lbs, cook it for 10 minutes at this temperature- this is just to brown the outsides, you could also do this on the stove top but it’s less messy this way.

Reduce the heat to 170 degrees F and continue to cook the roast slow and low for roughly two hours. I would check the internal temperature of the beef half way- you want it around 145 degrees for Medium-Rare.

Slice and enjoy!

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