Fondue Pot Series: Asian Hot Pot

One of the most unique things I have created with my fondue pot is an Asian inspired hot pot. The combinations are truly endless, starting with the base you choose. When my parents came to visit we wanted to ease them into the fun hot pot dining experience. Our base wasn’t anything fancy, no spicy kick for the beginners, just a simple beef broth to bring some flavor to the pot. The point of the hot pot is to bond over conversation, taking the time to cook the meal yourself using a boiling base and chopsticks. To start, we added scallions, shiitake mushrooms and baby boy choy to the broth to save for later.


Beef Broth
Shitake Mushrooms
Bok Choy

The dippers are arguably the best part of the hot pot experience, its the main course! Again, there are so many options when it comes to choosing meat to dip in the hot pot. We chose thinly sliced beef and pork because they have the shortest dipping time for safe eating. We really wanted to stay away from chicken to avoid any cross contamination, plus, the beef slices take about 30 seconds in the boiling broth to cook. Basically, once your base begins to boil, you are ready to grab your chopsticks and swirl around your meat of choice.


Texas Wagyu Beef slices 
Pork slices 

The sides are always my favorite part! I learned that my dad had never eaten pork dumplings before this experience and he ended up eating about twenty of them for dinner. We chose pre-made sides based on a lack of time to prepare them ourselves. But the store bought dumplings, shrimp rice roll and calamari salad were delicious additions to the table. I also sautéed green beans and eggplant in chili oil- I needed a little kick for myself!!


Rice Noodles
Zucchini noodles
Pork Dumplings
Chili Oil Eggplant
Chili Oil Green Beans
Shrimp Rice roll
Calamari salad

Traditionally, at the end of the hot pot, you put rice noodles in the remainder of the base to enjoy as “ramen” bowl with the mushrooms, scallions and bok choy that were added in the beginning! We also did this with zucchini noodles for a healthier option. Overall, it was a fun experience to cook our own dinners together little by little over a boiling fondue pot. And we all learned about new foods and flavors we like!

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