My COVID-19 Hobby: Indoor House Plants

As we settle into our new home, one of my favorite things to do has been adding a touch of green to each room. Although we started new jobs in a new city this year, life has completely changed due to the stay at home orders. I found I had some extra time on my hands to finally pay attention to and take care of indoor house plants. I’ve tried time and time again, but my indoor plants have either suffered from neglect or being over watered for compensation. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very much a beginner plant mom and am in no way ready to take on some of the fussier plants- but I have truly enjoyed researching new indoor plants, their needs and placing them around the house.

We have some beautiful ornamental grass surrounding our deck. I love to cut some strands and place them in mason jars

Aloe is one of the best plants you can have in your home- its a natural air purifier. Plus you can basically neglect it and it will still grow “like a weed.”

Snake plants are very similar to Aloe plants in the sense that they are great air purifiers that require little to no care. I have two snake plants that were re-potted from cuttings. I’m looking forward to re-potting them in a bigger pot soon and watching them grow tall and wide!

There is also a spider plant in our bedroom that has not yet been featured. I received the plant from cuttings that were propagated and replanted. It has started to show some new growth, I’m excited for it to start perking up!

One of my favorite things right now is eucalyptus! It looks beautiful anywhere you put it! I’ve placed some in a mason jar in the kitchen, in a vase on the mantle and even hung it in the shower for a spa like aroma! As the eucalyptus dries out, scrunch the leaves and the steam from the shower will change your life.

Another thing that is very “in” right now- or should I say, making a comeback- is macrame. I took this DIY macrame plant hanging class in the cutest coffee shop. I learned how to form knots and spirals to create a holster for one of my small indoor plants. I’m not exactly interested in suspending it from the ceiling- that’s too much work. But I do love the way in hangs from the mantle.

Another indoor plant that is super easy to take care of is a Golden Pythos. They can grow with indirect light and little water. Plus I love how the leaves dangle on the vine! P.s. this Maison Louis Marie No. 4 candle and body oil is one of my favorite scents! This fresh and clean scent paired with a touch of green, makes for simplistic and effortless decor. (It comes in a perfume spray too!)

These are just a few of the plants I’ve been given. Once you tell people you have taken an interest in house plants- they just give you more… I separated and re-potted these small plants to add a pop of color in our guest bedrooms. I love the grass in particular, it reminds me of some place tropical!

Lastly, are my bathroom plants. These babies thrive on humidity! The Croton can be a tricky one- so we will see how it hold up under my care. But I love this tiny shelf plant, it sits in this adorable tiny pot on my makeup shelf. I’m also propagating Tradescantia cuttings, which are almost ready to be potted. They were once an outdoor plant, but won’t survive the first frost. I may end up placing these on my night stand next to my humidifier- they can be pretty tricky as well and I think they are too beautiful to risk during trial and error in the bathroom.

Of course, this isn’t all of my house plants- I’ve lost count, but my collection is somewhere around 15 indoor plants now. The great thing about all of these plants is that I can have one common goal- don’t over water them! Instead of having plants with different sunlight, water and overall care needs, these plants are all on the similar cycles and should be easier for me to manage. Key word: should.

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